Herington Municipal Hospital                    

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Nursing Care
Professional registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and assistants take pride in providing quality inpatient and outpatient care under the direction of your physician.  By focusing on individualized care, the staff remains in touch with patient needs and recognizes and encourages the involvement of family members who can play a major role in a loved one's recover.  Care levels include:

Patients with acute injuries, illness, or post surgical treatment find care provided around-the-clock.  More intensive care can be provided to patients who need constant monitoring and surveillance.  This may include the use of computerized telemetry to monitor cardiac and respiratory function.

Patients who are in a transition phase of illness or recovery and no longer require acute care services may benefit from intermediate care services.  Transitional care is tailored for those who are progressing well, but need more assistance than can be provided in a home setting.
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