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Rehabilitative Care

Recovery from an illness or injury is often easier to manage close to home.  That's why Herington Municipal Hospital has invested in providing a wide array of rehabilitation services locally.

The physical therapy department utilizes a number of different modalities to help patients regain strength, reduce pain, continue daily living activities and attain the highest level of function possible.  We also take pride in teaching families to aid patients during recovery.

Occupational therapy focuses on enabling patients to do the "day-to-day" activities that are important to them despite the impairments, activity limitation or other restrictions - whatever they may be.

When physical or cognitive deficits result in difficulty with communication or swallowing speech therapy can help.  Treatments can be specifically tailored to the nature and severity of the disorder.

A cardiac event is a life altering experience and the first step back should be through a physician-monitored program.  HMH's Cardiac REhabilitation program combines education and closely monitored exercise with the use of wireless telemetry to ensure patients get their lives back on track.

Comprehensive services include:

  • Treatment for musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, including back pain, neck pain, headaches, postural disorders and hand, hip, shoulder, knee, ankle, or foot problems.
  • Treatment for sports-related injuries
  • Treatment of balance disorders
  • Neurological rehabilitation, including stroke and peripheral nerve disorders
  • Post-operative rehabilitation including back, shoulder, knee, ankle, foot or joint replacement surgeries
  • Wound care, including diabetic ulcers, burns or other chronic wounds
  • Pediatric therapy including treatment for physical disorders, developmental disorders and sensory dysfunction.
  • Orthotic and prosthetic placement and training
  • Treatment for work-related injuries, including return-to-work conditioning, ergonomics, education and instruction.  Job site evaluations provided as needed
  • Treatment for cumulative trauma disorders, including carpal tunnel syndrome or tendinitis
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